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Are the comrades who play UFC playing for free agents in the best way?

Go to UFC if you want to break somewhere else? How to reach a point where is UFC and Bellator Two making two events on a weekend? Plus, what are our favorite (at least favorite) post-festivals?

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I should not be surprised when such fighters finally come back to the UFC. I do not know if the free agency, another promotion bankruptcy, or what we have seen in the past, when the UFC buys an opponent and absorbs contracts. (Last one may be the ongoing process, but …)

Take the Gagded Mouse. He pulled out of the UFC in the five-final winners, and was eventually tripled in the ballot. If you can continue that journey, do you think UFC is an apprentice buyer?

Or there is a north cut. UFC tried hard to do one thing, and then decided that he did not really appreciate the cost after he had actually matured in public. He is still very young to be able to go on a MMA walkabout with one of ONE championship or elsewhere and then he can end only UFC in his prime time.

I am very curious about how this failure is used to fighter and fan attitudes towards other promotions.

If your colleagues find happiness and luck in a company, will you rethink your current position? Now they will wear clothes they want to work, and there is not an adult who says how frustrating each moment is and what they say. Yes, it may change the mind.

Wow, you know how to color someone at a corner.

Clearly I do not have room. 3, because there is no decline in the range of cutting productivity between Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz.

Oscar de la Hoya Daniel Weight in Liddell Verson Ortiz 3: Shut Up, & # 39; Save Your Own Company & # 39;

Break: First Lid Ortis 3, now Adesian Silva? What Is Adult Abuse?

I have seen enough street fighting videos to know that there is something else about the supremacy of humanity about the horrors of humanity. It happens when it walks without a referee.

But I have a question before I choose the Mediterranean Grand Championship. Will it fight for each other only the grandmother, or Gabi guerio and at some point show their heads and head? Never mind, I do not want to know.

Brother, if this did not happen to you, you got some bad news.

What I'm getting against the two days that lasted two days – this is true, however, the UF and the Belator try to do the exact exact week – a good event.

For example, let's look at the arrival of the UFC. You take the main event from TUF Finale on Friday and UFC Fight Night 142 is the best cable TV ever since Saturday.

But if you split them and add TUF finalist boats and other assignment filler, you get a set of sound that goes away from real attractions.

Bellator 210 and 211 have 8 reasons

And it leaves them empty. Jr. DOS SANTHOS, TAI TUVASA? It will be a huge fun things. Justin Willy against Mark Hunt And Rafael Dose Anjo vs. Kamru Usman is likely to battle with a real welterweight complain before the night. These fraudsters are difficult to draw attention to, because they are too much to sort.

The situation gets worse in a Belarote on Friday. Alasio Zakara, who does Saturday Saturday in Italy, is an event that can not be heard even before the fans.

The problem is not just oversaturation; This is the voluntary sale of the product. The orange drink is being drenched to extend profits, and they are intended. When MMA promoters see it as a smart business, it is not going to change.

Not all sign festivals for a while? I'm not ready to say that I do not like Ortiz's tomb. But I will be disappointed Did not Lydal can not be dismissed. If Leaderial Orts were driven out, in the energy energy drunk, like conan barbarian, he put the dirty arm on his arm.

There are some people who can enjoy me without being offended. Ronaldo's cousin guitars crawl with his nickname. Deniz Lewis Canvas is getting ready while Yoga's pose. In addition, a slimy dance was celebrated during a Brennen dance. I mean, come on. What hatred does it hate the monarch?

In fact, Alistairheim once again proves. Again, he beat a man who made his UFC debut, failing in two fights against a more competitive rival.

Overtone gave him his own unique dipper. In his last 30s, he only got 60 Pro fights with MMA only, you can give him the opportunity and he can still be in your scalp hole. But he has gone on many heavyweights. You must have some meaningful success before you can get anywhere.

Depending on how much do you think about all non-UFC content in the Fight Pass? Did you know, like tournaments from other Muthoot promotions, kickboxing and live shows? The answer is "No," However, yes, I would say you'd probably go ahead and leave your Fight Pass subscription once your EFN contract is signed.

If you are struggling to survive without entering into the Alaskan Fires Championship programs, you will be eligible to pay the month's fees. Again, how many small promoters will change their opinion on Fight Pass, and once again will there be a call to the UFC's audience to reach the door?

It's tedious to keep your bills as "built-in fans'" when your file is streamed elsewhere. If you charge a month for a month, it will be more difficult.

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