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Apple's new XPS IAS case, Apple watch spons band colors, Apple iPhone no cases

IPhone XS Silicon Cases and Apple watch sports bands have made new colors available to Apple. New colors include hibiscus, melo yellow and pacific green. Additionally, Apple has started selling new Nike Sport Loop colors in Nike earlier this month.

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Apple introduced three new Silicon Cases – iPhone XS and iPhone X Max. New colors, hibiscus, melon yellow, and Pacific Green will have to pay $ 39 for iPhone 4S models similar to other Apple cases.

However, the Apple watch spot band is now available in three colors. The new spot bands are starting at $ 49 for other sports bands.

Earlier this month Apple launched the launch of sports loop bands. Those new colors include Smoky Mow, Olive Flake, and Celestial Teal. You can pick up new sports loops for $ 49 each.

Though this week has been settled for iPhone XS and Apple Watch Accessory line, Apple still does not sell for iPhone XR cases. When the company indicates that it will release a clear case about the colorful iPhone XR, it is still not available, and Apple sells third-party options from companies such as OtterBox.

Apple's website indicates that if you arrange new bands and cases today, they will arrive on Monday. If you choose in-store pickup, Apple says next Tuesday they will be available.

Do you think of taking a new Apple watch or iPhone XS case? Let us know that comments have been dropped.

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