Monday , February 6 2023

Apple approaches Apple in US


Apple The US Supreme Court has appealed to the Supreme Court to withdraw the case against the company.

The company is facing a group of iPhone owners who believe that Apple can infringe Apple's opponents in a multibillion-dollar app store.

Apple has now approached the Supreme Court after the customers got the right to take class action in 2017. The Telegraph It was reported on November 24.

Image depicting. Reuters.

Image depicting. Reuters.

If Apple fails, its business model App StoreOne of the fastest and most profitable segments of the company is facing a threat.

30 percent cuts sold by Apple Store make Apple's billions of dollars annually. Application revenue increased to one third in 2017, Apple's iPhones sales surged to $ 38.5 billion iPads Blocked.

Users are arguing that its value commission is claiming a company that exploits its monopoly ownership. They claim that iPhone users will have to compete in a competition for hundreds of millions of dollars for their iPhone app across the country. "

In 1977 Apple filed an appeal against the Supreme Court verdict. "Buying directly" can only be misused by betrayal.

The application argues that Apple developers and iPhone users are buying apps from developers by app developers at the app store in the app store.

Since Apple has set up rules for Apple's store, such as lowest price restrictions, the application is for the users to sell applications.

Supreme Court should hear the verdict on Monday. It is expected that the judges will take months until the judges decide.

If Apple fails to overtake the previous decision, the company's legal issues will be confronted within one year from the start of 2011.

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