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Another Canadian diplomat in Cuba has caused drug trafficking

Another Canadian diplomat who is in Cuba reported broad brain brain fatigue. There were 13 cases related to the uncomfortable symptoms of adapters and dependents.

A Global Health Affairs statement in Canada says that a sick person is receiving medical examination. On the other hand, the government continues to investigate the possible causes known as HAVANA Syndrome.

"In the light of these new reports, they say that they have decided to let them go back to Canada to enter into jobs.

The last report of such an injury in the Canadian Embassy in Havana was more than a year ago. Over the last two years, many US and Canada diplomatic staff and family members have been treated for reporting the symptoms similar to the strange brain.

The two countries believe that their diplomats have been targeted by a technology that is not familiar with the FBI and RCMP inquiry. There are sanctions imposed on Cuba attacks. Washington and Ottoman officials believe to be truthful when it denies Cuba's government intervention.

Canadian government officials will travel to Cuba next week to evaluate current activities and evaluate how to reduce risk.

Long interval of attacks

In the past winter, 12 diplomats and their family members in Canada made some changes to the Havana area affected by attacks including children. Havana became a "non-aligned" post and family members will no longer encourage diplomatic relations in Havana.

New Embassy in Canada Instead of scattered in the homes and homes in the city, Canada found the opportunity to live in a single joint venture. There is no new accommodation in the US as a diplomat. Canadians in Havana reduce the risk of confusing US diplomats.

In the latest case, there have been reports of past Canadian symptoms, but believed that the summer was the first attack. The latest case – including an official diplomat according to official records – has not reported anything since 18 months.

Effects of universities studying

The nearest case is examined by Dalhousie University Neurologist. They monitor the brain injury and their possible causes. Global Affairs Canada sent some of its diplomats to the University of Pennsylvania by checking the state department's request by checking diplomatic staff and family members in the US.

Some of the US has been reported before symptoms appear. Diplomatic officers hear strange sounds, or experience unpleasant physical awareness.

The Canadian government sources are only 12 Keralites who have been affected 12 times earlier, anxiety about waves and pulses in the atmosphere. In some cases, the canalers were aware of their injuries when they started to experience symptoms.

In the latest incident, the diplomat will not remember any event that may have millions of symptoms.

Who is behind it?

US officials have said the attacks do not match any technology or weaponry, but believe that they are deliberate and targeted. Some scientists point out that Micronesia is a criminal, but US and Canadian governments have not yet given an explanation.

The State actor, who is present in Cuba, claims to attack it. But the official interventions of Cuba are beginning in the days of US-Cuban reconciliation.

In potential suspected countries, other governments, such as Russia or China, or maybe under Cuban rule, may have joined the foreign policy.

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