Wednesday , September 28 2022

Amazon's flashing bomb video is fake


A hot potato: Earlier this week, a YouTube video created by Mark Rober went viral. A Bobby-tipped Amazon package of the roller was stolen from the front and then robbed the thieves of thieves and thalikamani. Now, NASA's former engineer agreed that some of the video is unexpectedly fake.

After stealing the Amazon package from his former porch, Roberto decided to fight criminals by designing a Bobby-taped box that could fit Apple home. When opened, the package is very bright when spraying the gas.

This device includes four smartphones to capture smokers' reactions, but even though it was not a part of Robert's project, some people were just joking.

In addition to leaving the package of his home, he helped his friend Rober to drive in their hallway for two weeks. Robert said the financial compensation for the successful recoveries of the package would be. However, the items & # 39; stolen & # 39; In both cases, & # 39; Robbers & # 39; He was a person who volunteered for help.

The video is now edited to remove both fake responses from the original 5. He has apologized on Twitter even though Robber does not care.

"I'm sorry about this," he said. "I'm responsible for the content that's going on in my channel, maybe I'm here too, and I'm sure there are real responses when I take the package from my home. So I know that my credibility has been shot."

Please check the edited version of the video below.

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