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Air International Station Station will be launching at NASA's TV

Three space travelers, including two space travelers, are planning to land on Monday evening at international space research. Nasa television and agency's website will be broadcast live.

The Siog MS-11 spacecraft will be available at 6.31 am on December 3 at Basokoore Cosmodrome in Nairobi, NASA's Anne McKline, David St Jacques, Canadian Space Agency, and Oleg Cononneux Rocosmos. Kazakhstan Time).

The train will have a four-hour long journey of about 4 hours and will reach Mangalore by 12.35 pm. To begin their mission in the orbital laboratory. It was the first aircraft for the Macon and St Jacques teams and the Coronank fourth.

After two hours after the drive, watches will be opened between the station and the station. The current ESP (Experian 57 commander Alexander Gerst, European Space Agency), NASA flight engineer Serena Onan-Chancellor, and Rocosmos Flight Engineer Sergi Prokopio will be welcomed if they have been in orbit since June.

The names of Coronenko, McKinley and St. Jack will officially become Exhibition 58 employees. Jurist, Onon Chancellor and Procopieva will return home on December 20th.

Hundreds of experiments in the spacecraft, biotechnology, physiological science, earth science, and continuity in the International Space Station will remain in the only permanent humanitarian laboratory at the International Space Station.

The NASA and Canadian Space Agency, the Russian space station and Rosacemos station, went on to review Crabs, including a review of the Flight Reigns Review at the station.

Station Event Authority Rosa Cosmos' regular work has begun. Macleen and Saint Jacques believed that the reliability of the Sãoquito rocket and the successful success of partnership.


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