Tuesday , September 27 2022

After the drone attack, the Gatevik airport will be reopened


The British Gatwick airport opened again on Friday. For hundreds of Christmas passengers, a robot and mouse carried out a drone analysis with police and police sleeperers.

Gatwick said that after the search of Gatwick in 2010, the biggest searches in Gatwick, the runway had been opened and there was a limited number of flights to get out or depart.

The Gatevik runway is currently available, the remaining number is going to leave the plane, the airport said.

Passengers will be advised to check the status of the Gatevik Air Force's airport and the passengers will be taken away before the passengers go. "

Britain has called for an army or a police sniper to hunt drone and operator. It was when I tried to make an industrial drone attack near the airport.

On Wednesday night, two flights were deployed near two drone airplanes.

Uninstructed flying planes within a kilometer of a British airport border is illegal. This is a five year jail term.

See: Expert Doron's challenges and control systems in the world.

A drunal expert discusses the challenges and control systems of the world of drones. Erik Saskette, a professor of British Columbia Institute of Technology The flight was diverted to around ten thousand passengers. The accident took place after the plane was stopped at the British Gatevik airport. 1:38

Thousands of passengers stranded in the Goudi and caused drone scenarios trouble. Search for Christmas, Christmas and Family meetings for holidays.

Transport Minister Chris Graleying has restricted control of traffic control over other airports.

Police Detective Chief September "Our assessment depends on the information we have available, and this incident is not related to terrorism," Jason Tingley said.

Check-in for Line-long Delay over several years in Gatwick's South Terminal building is waiting on Friday. (Toby Melville / Reuters)

Richard Parker, head of the Air Traffic Management Technologies Co. Elite Engineer, said that an airport was destroyed by such a stable and conscious attack on the airport.

They are different from technology, but work in organized, and charging many batteries, and they try to understand the surroundings, "Reuters said.

"It's quite unusual."

See: Gatekick's disorder during the delays.

In recent years, uncontrolled planes and commercial flights have collapsed, as drones have widened up among the public.

It is not yet clear what will be the missile of private drones and passengers in Britain between 2015 and 2017. UK The Air Force Board regulator said this.

Gatevik, who is the busiest airport in west Europe in London, said Sunday is the busiest day.

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