Friday , September 30 2022

After the drone attack, the Gatevik airport will be reopened


The British Gatwick airport opened again on Friday. For hundreds of Christmas passengers, a robot and mouse carried out a drone analysis with police and police sleeperers.

It is the second largest airport in Gatwick since the cancellation of the volcanic clouds around the world in 2010. Over 700 flights were canceled on Friday.

Gatevik's runway is currently available, and is still traveling on the remaining airplanes, "the airport said." The departure and departure of Gatevik Airport gives passengers advice to check their flight status before traveling. "Delayed and delayed.

Britain's military and police snipers were asked to seize drone and operator. It was when I tried to make an industrial drone attack near the airport.

A drone plane was traveling on the only runway in the airport, fearing a threat to the aircraft. The second busiest passengers in the UK saw two drones near the airport at night.

Perspectives are still on Thursday after the hiding of unmanned drone aircraft.

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A drunal expert discusses the challenges and control systems of the world of drones. Erik Saskette, a professor of British Columbia Institute of Technology The flight was diverted to around ten thousand passengers. The accident took place after the plane was stopped at the British Gatevik airport. 1:38

Thousands of passengers stranded in the Goudi and caused drone scenarios trouble. Search for Christmas, Christmas and Family meetings for holidays.

The culprit has not yet been detained. But there are many suspicious people, "the police said. No group claimed responsibility.

Gatwick says the authorities think the drones are likely to be seen again. This will lead to renewal of the runway.

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Transport Minister Chris Grailing said: "The airport shut down when it said there were few drone planes and told the BBC that the drone attack in Gatwick was" not anywhere in the world anywhere in the world ".

On the return flight, a compulsory flight would be deployed in other airports to remove freight.

Police Detective Chief September "Our assessment depends on the information we have available, and this incident is not related to terrorism," said Jayson Tinglei.

Passengers waiting on Friday to conduct Gatchew's South Terminal building have been delayed for several years. (Toby Melville / Reuters)

The British Army, along with the Aviation authorities, joined in finding criminals or criminals behind the drone infiltration.

Richard Parker, head of the Air Traffic Management Technologies Co. Elite Engineer, said that an airport was destroyed by such a stable and conscious attack on the airport.

Parker said that he did not come from technology but collectively, and many batteries were being charged and deliberately trying to get out of driving from many places.

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After the drone infiltration, the British Airlines Pilots' Association stated that "detection and surveillance devices" were installed in Gatwick's circumference.

The Defense Ministry denied that technology was deployed. However, drone experts did not use the technology of airports to deploy the spectrum radar.

In recent years, uncontrolled planes and commercial flights have collapsed, as drones have widened up among the public.

"Airframes" reported in the last four years, including private drones and other aircraft, have more than 4 per cent in the last four years, and have already reported 117 incidents in 2018. According to the UK Regulatory Board Regulator, Air Traffic Reports will be filmed in the UK when the pilots or air traffic controllers compromise the safety of the two aircraft.

Unlikely to fly unnamed flights over a kilometer by a British airport border. A drone aircraft near an airport will be fined up to five years in jail.

Gatevik, who is the busiest airport in west Europe in London, said Sunday is the busiest day.

The airport, located 45 km south of central London, sees 43 million passengers per year. On Thursday, 110,000 workers were dismissed.

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