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Add a master cart to add Ellen Musk Nendendo to Tasla's electric car line

MacKart 8 Deluxe IMG

American auto makers Tesla, (former Tesla Motors) electric cars are more profitable and affordable. Ellen Musk is responsible for the Spice program, its co-founder and CEO CEO and technical entrepreneur behind it.

According to Isan, Mr. Musk tried to get Nintendo to cooperate with Tenela. MacKart. It was discovered in a short time Twitter Exchange The cars were recharged when Musk was questioned to create specific video games inside the Taso Lovely line. When asked about a Mario Cart series for a user, he said that the manufacturer approached Nintendo, but the Japanese company would not allow it. However, mask is open to the idea of ​​a voltage digital steam service.

Unfortunately, Musk did not disclose why Nistendo deny Tesla. We take a guess, and he wanted to be loyal to the German automotive manufacturer Merseyside. Massi Cart 8 Deluxe Many years ago.

Video game settings for the car are not new. In fact, Mus was previously declared classic athlete titles Missile command And Century It will play in the Tesla cars. While thanking Nintendo's today and today's system, nobody has wondered what's inside the Marani carte car. For the record, it's cramped, and it's a problem for some people if the car is moving. We will get a better idea about when and how MacKay cart tour In 2019, the mobile phone arrives.

What would you think about Elonne's idea to add a Mr. Kart to Tesla cars? Do you think this Nintendo will get better? Do you think that you will make the right decision? Tell us below.

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