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Abu Dhabi GP ending with Champion Hamilton Season, Lance Scroll 13


At the end of the year, World Champion Lewis Hamilton won Abu Dhabi Granthree. Abu Dhabi was the world champion when Abu Dhabi scored 11th in the match at Granthree.

After winning the fifth F1 tour, the British Mercedes-Benz driver Ferreri Sebastian Vettel made a 73rd victory in his career at the Yas Marina Circuit. The Mercedes-Benz contract for the next two years gave him a chance to win with Michael Schumacher's F1 record of 91 GP wins. 52-year-old Vettel, third, did not join in a race controlled by his rival.

"I wanted to finish a high and every year an extraordinary job was organized," Hamilton said.

"I wanted to show 'Still Eye Rice' behind me," Hamilton said, writing about Maya Angelou's poet, writer and civil rights activist.

Hamilton reiterated his reputation in the second season, hitting Vettel for the second time.


Red Bull driver Max Vermenpenen was dropped to third.

Westpunt received the title of Kimi Raikkonen to overcome the valtory boats who were teammates of Hamilton.

Vettest and Ricardo finished fifth and made light work called Boatas. Within a seasonless finish in the finish driver, the questions again arise about the skills that he has encountered in one season, which he did not succeed.

Former French footballer Fernando Alonso reached McLaren 11th in his last F1 run. Two-time F1 champion pursues other racing interests.

Hamilton replied, "He's a reputation and a privilege for the same honor." The sport will lose him, and we'll be him. "

Faced with an accident at a laptop, the French driver kidnapped Roman Grossan and Nicole Hülnburgburg. Hulkenberg was weary but eventually got up.

Grassan has a reputation as one of the F1's carefree or adventure drivers. He threw down the tire by pulling the right tire of the runaway in Hulnenberg. It was heading up and heading backwards. As Hughesberg stunned him, as he drove off some smoke from the car, he encouraged his team to get him out quickly.

"I'm hanging like a cow," he said. "There's a fire, there's a fire."

A related Grosjean asked about his radio Hulkenberg's condition. Considering a racing incident, the Gardens were not taking any action against Gösselen.

"I'm very sorry to him, but I'm not able to go elsewhere," Grossein said.

The Mercedes-Benz AMG Petronos F1 Team is on a Mercedes-Benz transmitter on November 25, 2018 at the Vice-Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. United Arab Emirates.

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After a few moments, Hulkenberg's Renal was dumped in the right direction, and the German driver was in the forefront. His car pulled out of the track. The incident stopped running for a laptop until the race resumed on Lap 5.

Verstappen and Esteban Ocken again broke down on track, and their frustration from Brazil two weeks ago. These cars were excluded from cars as they were fighting for Spain.

Raikkonen's race ended on lap six. The following year he returned to the garage of the Finnish driver's team, who was in South Africa.

When 55-lap runs, half a point is seen in the desert for a short time in the desert. The Ricardo, at this point, had a clear lead in 5 seconds about Hamilton, the tier did not change. He did so through the 21st Laras. Hamlet was placed third with Vettel and Boat.

Once again, Boat's failed to defend his position properly.

"It's very exciting to get past because it was very crucial," said Verstappen. "I got back and I enjoyed that war."

Montreal's Lance Stroll was ranked # 13.

Tauror Rosso driver Pear Gusley, Seubar's Markus Ericsson and Okon came to the list.

He ran away from two races, including Monaco GP, and Riccardo to Red Bull. But he has retired from the eight engineers due to engineer problems. The next year is going to join Renault.

"Such a great character, we will beat him, we will want the best for the future," said Principal Christian Horner of Red Bull team. "He and his group were very disappointed because there were half the bricks in the year."

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