Friday , June 9 2023

A touch of the sun: extreme sunset NZ-India stops competition


New Zealand's Sun was forced to play a rain-affected team in the one-day ODI in New Zealand and India.

Shane George took a wicket of 44 runs for the wicket of New Zealand's 157.

"Everyone gets protection," said George. He is a mere player to the sun.

Restart after 30 minutes, the match was interrupted by decreasing one over. India's goal was reduced by two runs.

In addition to the regular rains, cricket matches have been halted for many different reasons over the years.

A county match was suspended between Somerset and Surreti at Oval, London.

A Test match between India and England in the 1980s had to be resumed due to the solar system.

In 1995 a match in South Africa's domestic ship of the ship was shot 10 minutes after it was shot. A fruit kalamari pan made of six square meters.

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