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A simple blood test can sometimes recognize the cancer. But a catch – national


One day, people will get a cancer test as easily as they checked their cholesterol.

"Liquid biopsy" – a blood test – an area of ​​cancer diagnostic diagnosis. Experiments are conducted in the earliest stages of research. After a decade, the test is very valuable when available to the public.

"I think the casual and serious cancers in the first phase can be detected early, and this will be a game magazine," said the Department of Oncology at Alberto University. John Lewis said.

How does a liquid biomass testing work?

The test works by detecting changes in blood vessels, i.e. DATA-D (mutation) changes of specific molecules that indicate the existence of certain types of DNA or cancer. Already, tissue has been found to be more cancer-diagnosed with sample bioupees.

Liquid biodiesel can be used to treat cancer treatments by actually tumor or for personalization or diagnosis of treatments based on a patient's genetic mutation. At least, that's what the researchers expect.

In a study published in Nature, the Toronto-based research team was able to train the computer program to identify a chemical component in the blood of early cancer patients. A few different types of table.

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"It opens the door, it is still in the research phase, but the discovery of the earliest cancers will open the liquid bipolar door," said Dean Dar Crawldo, a senior scientist at the Margaret Cancer Center.

Another study published in The Science of Science in the early 2018s has led to a diagnosis of cancer in which eight different cancers were recovered from 70% of the 1,000 patients.

These procedures have yet to be improved, they can be cleaned, which is made in the weld market, D Carvalho said, taking years. But he thinks that cancer detection can make a difference for some people.

"We already recognize cancer, and it is easy to treat the patient."

These tests are too small to be able to find the tumor, but Raymond Hang, Canada Research chairman at the Integrated Molecular Epidemiology in Toronto's Sinai Health System.

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Hung is another co-author of natural studies. Liquid biopsies are especially helpful for lung, pancreatic, and other violent, rapidly growing cancer patients.

Cancer treatment

The treatment is still a big question. What will you do if you find a cancer and can not do anything about it?

"It's a very active discussion now," said Lewis.

"If we know something we do not have a clear clinical solution, is that information useful?"

PSA (prostate-specific antigen) tests have been checked in prostate cancer, for example.

For example, PSA test has allowed many men to check their prostate cancer, but the side effects of PSA screening have been diagnosed with unhealthy prostate cancer patients. He said. This test was criticized for causing any unnecessary trials or treatments that do not involve a test.

"As cancer is determined, anxiety and burden are based on diagnosis, and most people often want to do something about it, and often do not use a clear clinical benefit or even a consideration."

This is less common in cancer attacks such as lung cancer. "We look rarely with any lung or pancreasement lying there, and oddiagognosis becomes less of a problem, but it's kind of a problem."

They said that these tests could not directly lead to cancer diagnosis. Instead, patients will have to go for CT scans and other imaging tests after getting good results.

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While Carroll trained his computer program to better recognize the different cancers, expecting Karlovy to do nothing to cause serious medical problems, and that they could identify them well.

Patients who are prominent cancers such as prostate cancer can kill the patient. Lewis said.

"Liquid biomass and whole field need to be more accurate than cancer. Is it necessary to work on a cancerous form? & # 39;

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