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A group of doctors decided to swallow lego heads

Lego is one of the favorite toys in the world.

This square-shaped block-block toilets, which began in 1934 in Denmark, gained fame amongst children and children. You can also associate with fortresses, robots, cars and fauna with plastic bricks.

How Lego works are proud of many of us, and some children are afraid of swallowing small blocks. St. Louis Children's Hospital Children between the age group of 6 months to 4 are most likely to swallow food.

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The common problem between parents was to help the team of six researchers move forward Study When someone misleading someone in a league item, it will take long for that. Yes, the scientific method used in the study may be disgusting and dangerous.

To do this, scientists deliberately swallowed the heads of the lego. They also developed names such as stool hardness, transit (shatt), first and retired time (Fort) score.

When the stat score was checked for stability or checking changes in the stool, the Farth score was recorded on the day. Based on the Fart score, it only takes an average 1.7 days Before passing the league, the shuttle score did not change the stability of their stool.

Surprisingly, one of the five doctors failed to find the clay.

They compared the results in shattered and furthest scores to see if there is a rapid fluid.

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There was no opinion of the researchers that there was a complication or complexity in the test or after that. Parents, Grace Leo, can not remember their parents.

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