Tuesday , January 31 2023

A big lead of the sixes at Barclays Center


In the games, Netsky's "Pair of Golds", Jimmy Butler, Joel Embyb and Ben Simmons were more compared to the Sixers' Big Big 3. In 38th, Djelo Russell scored 38 points in his snapping career, sponsor Dvdidi 31, and made 0.4 seconds with the left-hander of Butler Bolt. Barcelona won 127-125 in semis

You know that Butler was checked through the first three periods, but not stretched. In the fourth quarter, he took nine points with 14-8 sixes. Their cut was reduced to 110-103. Russell could not slow down the net performance. Three men were buried to prevent bleeding, and Dinwinde, who lived with him, led the nuts on the net to 118-105.

But it surprised everyone on the net. JD Reddy, who won from 16.2 overs, was at 121-120 for three wickets in the match. One nest was shot in a net and two shots of the foul shot.

Joe Harris took the net to three points. But Immediately, a three-point change was played for a sixers. Dinwid Dikshiddh, who had a lead of 26-12 ahead of 125-124 in the lead,

Reddy lost one jumping, but the bowler managed a jump ball. After an expiration, they were left alone for Butler. Netz's heart was broken for 0.4 seconds from the right.

This is the third defeat of the net (8-13). In this performance, he scored a 20-point lead. They have 17 points and 10 points from Jared Allen. Buttler added 34 points to Sixers (14-8), Emmid 32 and 12 rounds. Simmons got 13 points and nine assists.

The match against Sixers ended with the first quarter of the NBA season. Before evaluating his team's performance, Nets coach Kenny Atkinson said, "True, I think it's good and I'll give you & # 39; s B & N; we're pulling it out of the park. Of course, with the carriage [LeVert] For the injured, I think we have limited the fortress. We're trending in the right direction, improving. I like our group. There was a good feeling about the entire team. "

In the best of the season, 25 points have been hit by Sixers (14-8). But they were all-star butlers. Atkinson said, "A different game is a different day, a different team."

In the first half, the nuts rose to "A" level after two points loss. In the first half, a lead of 68-54 saw their lead with just 20 points. . As usual, defense was important when the nets were good, and Rendez Hollis-Jefferson thought to be one of the first things in the season.

In the first half Netscars took part in 36.7% of shooting. Joint ventures between 5 and 17, together with Butler and Simmons. In the first round, Netz was buried 57.8 percent and Russell and Dinwid buried at 16 points. Dinwid who scored a quarterfinal of 18-8 seconds to take 66-46 lead in the net run.

The punch punch of Russell and Dinviri came in for the third time. Ralsal scored nine points from 11-6, and the net was leading to a lead of 79 to 60. Sixers reacted with a 19-8, nine-point lead in the lanky shamie to break their bill into eight points. In the fourth quarter of last year, In the 8-point mark, Dinwood has risen 11-6.

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