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5 years of iPhone iPhone disappearing – BG RR


If there is a topic that promotes smartphone industry in 2019, it changes. A fancy boring year in 2017 year and another beautiful Borough year of the year and up to 2018, this year we will see all sorts of new Smartphone form components. Will be at the end of "all screen" More than BS marketing In 2019, the phone manufacturers introduce new innovative solutions that allow them to reach all the edges of their smartphone. Phones with focus screens will reach the market in 2019 after gaining rumors and precautions for years. Fingerprint sensors are embedded in the back of the phone's back phones or behind the phones. Improves camera technology through leaps and improvements. In 2019, new smartphone models will make significant changes.

Interestingly, a new smartphone line comes from 2019 that change is the lack of looking for customers: Apple's new iPhone lineup. For the third consecutive year, Apple's iPhone X design will again be re-used in the iPhone 11 series. The app has been able to replicate Apple's second iPhone designs for more than two years. Unlike iPhone 7S and 7 Plus, sales are likely to decline in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Apple's iPhone, X-Max, XR, Apple fans are very expensive to upgrade, and Apple's revenue is great.

IPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11R (as they would otherwise be called) were annoying this year's small updates. Since the iPhone's new triple lens camera is likely to be on the iPhone, it is possible for smaller notes and better cameras. In addition, in the last two years, they looked like iPhone and iPhone X. Other companies, like Samsung's Release, have replaced the latest phones with exciting new displays.

In the case of design innovation, 2019 is becoming another fast year for Apple, there is no allegation that the iPhone has been seriously changed over the years. In fact, any major change to the iPhone is sending people to a dirt and complaining about new iPhones that are still unchanged. In this post, we look at the features of the iPhone five icon changing iPhone over the years.


Released in iOS 7 till 2013, Apple's ski-moderation-load IOS user interface was perhaps the most decent thing about iPhone. Viewing the top left, Apple's old user interface is a mixture of textures and patterns from real life objects like wood and leather.

When iOS 7 (see the top right), Apple fans united their minds together. All familiar textures are gone, but the item is full of flashed icons and popes with very simple interface. People will not take long to warm up to the new look, and now all the friends of the future will not be able to go back to iOS 6 and previous versions.

Home button

Apple's circular home button plays an important role in all iPhones mode for the first 10 years of iPhone model. Then, Apple took it.

The home button has been changed for years, but it was always the center of iPhone user experience. First, it required navigation, and Apple iPhone 5 started rolling out the touch ID's fingerprint sensor. In 2017 Apple introduced the iPhone X. The new button is designed. However, those who are reluctant to make changes still have new options on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. In the past year, every new iPhone model was hoisted to the home button.

Touch ID

Some iPhone users can easily unlock their phones and if they can authenticate their payments from the Touch ID, it will be much easier. But Apple decided to tap fingerprint sensors.

IPhone X was the first Apple smartphone. No fingerprint sensor. In fact, most of these are the fingerprint sensors, after Apple's iPhone 5S start with fingerprint readers. However, Apple has been able to get the approval of Apple's iPhone ex mask. Now, we have a biometric security system in Apple's 2018 iPhone series and the latest iPad Pro model.

30-pin connector

Some people are still new to replacing the iPhone's home button and touch ID. So remember that all the wounds will cure that well.

Do you have an iPhone user since 2011? Then remember that you have Apple's reliable old 30 pin connector for every iPhone model from the original iPhone up to 4S, like iPods. In 2012, the Apple 30 pin connector port was pulling off the lightning port very slowly. People have lost their minds because they are going to buy adapters or new accessories. After a few small years, no one can follow or even remember the 30 pin connector.

Dedicated headphone jack

Source of the film: Richard Drew / AP / Shutterstock

The impacts on iPhone's lightning jack were much faster, and many iPhone users did not depend on Apple's decision to snatch the dedicated headphone jack.

If you use Bluetooth headphones, the Apple headphone jack would have been broken down some years ago. When removing the 3.5mm audio port, for larger things, a larger battery is used inside the iPhone. But many are still angry that you can not plug in older headphones without using an adapter. However, you can not buy a landing port and a single dongle 3.5mm audio port without purchasing a specific third-party spiller such as a wired charger.

Image source: Sach Eptstein, BGR

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