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5 waking up from ElaSweetsheets New Album, some rap songs

Using a name Some rap songsThe sweet shirt is very clear through the rat industry artifice. It's authentic, not gym, but in an attempt to look beyond its authenticity. Erl calls his last album, 2015 I do not like the sheets, I'm not going outHe is not trying to give a similar burden on this record. Label it in the simplest way to get around it without compromising its seriousness. Simply put, it is deeply rooted in his bag.

Within three years I do not like the sheets, I'm not going outMost of Ehrl's life: Father died earlier this year, visit to Johannesburg, rehabilitating with his family; He lost his longtime collaborator and friend Max Miller, and connected with the new community of the MCC. This album lasts continuously, but is a recalibration: A new commitment to finding personal and universal truths, to recover the joy of the songs that are looking for comfort. Because this record is the most concentrated in the long term, this is a bit perfumed, shorter cutting and hard looping samples. There are five things to hear from your very first cyclone Some rap songs.

"I'm Mike and Medi"

The member of the community, Earl Swetshart, created a close relationship with a group of similar mentors and established meaningful friendships. He is named after these players in many names Some rap songsIt's no coincidence. There was a significant influence in New York, most of his music, by splitting the drummer and roll with the singer. Characters, character-benders and classics alike.

Navy Blue (or Sage Elsezer) was a pro-skater rapper and director I do not like the sheets, I'm not going outOnce snooped by Era (this record has a verse). Mike, an introverted teens from Bronx, who became something of a light mende, bought early recipes online and thanked a person; Medzane along with Jasper Marceles, along with Medhan, Brooklyn Reaper, and producer Slobodan Malone; Mac-Homie, Jurg Jasper Wrapper, produced by Irland's Beatles; GeoSkobar produces the whole musical of black and brown diasporars as standing stand at the corner. Some guests, while others were in his or her mind, had a clear influence on the artists. Some rap songs. You can listen to him: some songs, cool and calculating as if he is mash, so much analysis in his precision; Among others, he is emotional and self-misunderstanding as mike. This gives a new dimension to his united vision.

Earl is approaching a new voice

Finally, turn on the sonic palette Some rap songs Dark Weststay, Standing Corner, Black Noise E, E, Booleanan and Ade Hakim have contributed to the music of the year. Parts of this production are very far away from the Mac cycle. Overall, it seems to borrow the music bags from record-breaking post-music Red Burns Project, partitioning Mike May God bless your smile, Knox Wards Glitch, and Soil Beat Tape Catalog. The scapegoat is a scapegoat, and described Wald Woolcher as "a tail bowl." Much of the hip-hop experience on the finger has decreased. Dancing sounds differently IDLS, IDGO, Sometimes the light seems to be missing, Some rap songs It's a different experience than clicking with different images in view-mast. Sort snippet-style structure and distance movements, snapshots collected as a long toy, which was born of bonds.

Beat the cheese

This year, they have taken short songs in several rap albums. The reason for solid relay and streaming economy that honors longer albums. But Ary is always a stranger to keep short and sweet: power and power in 2015 I do not like the sheets, I'm not going out. "Flexing is able to talk to the least," he said. He uses the importance of his philosophy in this 15-track animation, which is 15 minutes long and holds several tracks in two minutes footnotes. This is the product of the remarkable musicians of an album still worth the time. Minutes long, there may be periods of interval between intervals at the appropriate intervals to name "Lucy". At the end of "The Vinbs," he was amazed at the mystery of the seventh sweet shirt.

Family relationship

The most cutting Some rap songs Although Eli's father Keroseptske Kegozišil was written before his death, he reflects his family, even those who do not work grieving. In the "Playing Possum", the two of them are covering each other. His mother has a full presence throughout the record, often in the supportive capacity. "By that time, I was getting better, and that's his mother, who was in the" Azukay "chariot," My father is watching me see my father. "

Some songs with hints of Kgositsile play a great role in exposing the complicated relationship with his son. An insult to "Peanut" had to resolve his father's loss before getting an opportunity to solve their problems. This song is one of the most tired moments in the album. "I got rid of her grave and could not help, but I was late for an hour, and it left my heart somewhere out of range." In the month, Earl closed the way. "That moment does not leave me to find a lot of my mind," he said. Still remain.

Notable Eireel-Isselms

  • "The daily encounters with bad apple and my kinfolk / bad acids hurt my mental illness, and you're getting distorted, and it has started to soften me from growing" (since "December 24")
  • "I do not know why I do not label bags, I'm seeing Immanuel / I shooting, but your corners are trash and do not play with us" ("top")
  • "If you seal the wrist with the wrist, the checks we see are now changing the sheet of Michael Willie, we went to Gorilla and they actually gave up on the other hand / silently that they run and run faster" ("The Bends")
  • "My Pain and Vomiting on My Heart" (from "cold summers")
  • "I do not tell anyone that I'm immune to my dirty water drinks / I'm not going to sink / I'm not going to leave" (from "shaders dreams")
  • I'm waiting for the most of my life / The only thing in my mind is the death / time I do not know / The sanctification cleanses this mix, I find myself / I first found myself To find "(" Nowhere2go "

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