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4.2 magnitude earthquake near St. John Castle

An earthquake measuring 5 in the north-eastern region Fort St. John PT on Thursday at 5 pm.

According to the US Geological Survey, the quake was 4.2 magnitude. The epicenter of the earthquake is St. John's 22.4 km southwest of St John's.

The names of St. John, Fort, Taylor, Chetwind and Dawson Creek were reported following the earthquake in the social media.

Han Cao, a geologic surveyor in Canada, said that the quake was so much that the quake was relatively deep and that the earthquake could be very distant.

"This is definitely a case for the locals for a while," Kavu said. "Even though it's an important event in this area, I do not think it's going to cause substantial damage."

Hydraulic break in this area

Though the cause of the quake was unconfirmed, Coco said he was not aware of the situation. The Gas Commission is conducting an investigation if there is earthquake in hydraulic fragmenting activities in the area.

If water, sand and other chemicals are in high pressure to be injected underground, hydraulic fracture or natural gas

"They need to connect the place and place of the incident to the near vaccine network," Kavu said.

This area of ​​the country – West Albert, North East BC. A study published in the Alberta University in the USA found this.

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