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& # 39; Totally uncontrolled: & # 39; $ 2M fine for cutting ski resort trees


Bill Graveslock, The Canadian Press

Published on Friday, December 21, 2018 3:15 PM EST

Five years ago, the world-famous Alberta ski resort was fined $ 2.1 million for cutting down endangered species.

Last December, the Louis Ski resort in the lake was found guilty, skiing in 2013, including 38 dangerous white bark pine.

The offense charged by the Risk Act and Canada National Park Act is a $ 55,000 fine.

"This verse is absolutely inappropriate and proven … the real facts and background of the crime" written by Alan Heppener on Friday.

The court will ask for a penalty or fine of $ 200,000.

In 2013, the team, including a supervisor, began cleaning, fencing and removing some trees from the Ptermangan Ridge at the ski resort.

By the end of September, he had cut down many trees, including white peacocks without danger.

On November 30, Judge Hathery Lamurëx ruled White as a "collision-like effect" and "likely to reduce the survival of species in the coming decades."

The trees have been cut down in a national park, a spokesman said. Whitback pine was in danger and kidneys perished.

The diet and habitat for animals provide five-eyed whiteback pine and helps build steep subtropical slopes.

This tree stands at the highest elevations in Western North America, or nearby. They are growing for over 100,000 years on the continent. Growing between 500 and 1000 years old

Heppenr, however, did not take control of the resort after leaving the crime. "The loss of 38 people in Whiteback Pines is low in the population."

In Canada, there were 200 million pounds of white duck pistols, while Hepburn found himself in a confession and lost 38 species of trees.

Other whitebars have taken steps to reduce the pine cut, a spokesman for the resort said. In the resort sector 7,000 white banners have been given pine markets. The resort said.

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