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& # 39; Think About Family & # 39 ;: Finding the Found Remnants of Tertullary Clays Finds a Discovery

Manitoba, who had gone missing with his son, found that he had been linked to the clown's family last week after missing his grandmother's tailrum crawl.

The wooden municipality at Thachee village was found near the Chelvan Perin Road, east of Highway 12, and the wooden Tudauve and his son found the spot near the Chingo Perin Road in the north of the Highway.

Where does Tuduve Steve live? Ann, man. But he said it was a remote area. Brush assumed that this would lead to a steep fall from the street.

When Tuudcu told his son that he was shot in a hole, it was nearing to darkness. They went to go.

"I took him out of a small area and pulled it out in another place," Trudow said. "Then he was afraid of my name, and he said," I got something. & # 39;

Trujove and his son left the mark as a sign that they could bring the police. (Gary Sololaki / CBC)

They will find calf remnants. They were a little afraid, Truidu said, so when they walked down the tree they tried to take the police back, 45 meters away from the road.

They went to the station. Anne police landed at RCMP, about 15 km from Staneback. RCMP led the Tudu's family and took them to the spot.

"We finally found it, and later I called some policemen at RCMP Winnipeg, I guessed, they left a cruel act."

Searched by the Winnipeg

The 57-year-old Thelma Crawl has been found in the DNA test.

When Tududou identified her, the family saw her.

"I thought about my family … they would find, what they found her was finally shutting down everything.

Tilma Crawl (57) was found dead on July 11 after walking into the Valley Garden area. (Submitted)

Winnipeg grandmother had disappeared on July 11, 2015. They trained to increase the West Coast trail in British Columbia.

On Saturday morning, she went out of her home at Kolal, where she walked at Civic Park near the Kidron East College at 8am.

Her husband Robert Clinton asked for privacy Thursday. He hopes that discovery will lead to justice.

Winnipeg Police released maps in Civic Park and nearby areas. Two men saw the day when the terrible call disappeared. (Winnipeg Police Service)

After the disappearance of the tilma crawl, her family and friends inquired about the ignorance of hundreds of people from Winnipeg.

One of them was Bill McCawers Land. Crow never saw. But when he saw the social media asking her daughter to support her, he tried to meet her.

"I've learned, basically, she was a very powerful and very good person," he said. "After these searching parties I've met a few friends, now we can get together."

He tried to find other people who went missing in Winnipeg to help him find the problem.

"Thelma should have looked for me, there were other people missing like Christine Wood, and I added those searching parties," he said.

"I wish to continue, and I think many others will be missing."

Asks police information

Winnipeg Police SJ in a press conference Thursday. "We found that the area was found 50 miles (50 km) east of Winnipeg from where the debris was found.

Tudowou said that where many people are traveling. The nearest home is just one kilometer away. You have to drive in there, but drain the road.

"When you drive, it's a lot of peers, you're soon going to be in these areas and it gets worse," he said. "That's a very important part."

The police believed that the murderer was absent from Winnipeg. He disappeared – he could live or work there, or there might be some other reason.

In a clash in 2016, the police revealed the tragedy. One man disappeared near a gas station in Kimbersley Avenue and Gateway Road.

At that time, a bowl had five feet, eight inches and 270 pounds.

On Thursday, he said in Rome that the suspect continues to be an important part of the investigation. But the police are now thinking of "possibilities."

The site where the ruins of the crys from 45 m away from the road and the brush in the dark brush distances is said. (Gary Sololaki / CBC)

None of those who lived in the valley garden area in July 2015 do not ask.

People from around the place where they found their way to contact with them if they recall something from the summer of 2015 or any other information that helps investigators.

Police are investigating the murder.

204-986-6508 or 204-786-tips (8477) and crime spasms should also be asked to call the police.

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