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& # 39; These may be your friends: another former player Sarnia describes the constant abuse of the team

Ryan Muñnes will never forget the 2002 record of his hockey season at the Olympic Hockey League. In the 27 regular season matches, Sarnia Sting's net is No. 1 Goli Robert Gerson.

A 17-year-old, one stellar is posting 2.64 goals per click, three shootouts and 916 savings. He remembers the old players of junior team who misused them and stood up against the team.

In an interview with CBC News on Tuesday, Munster talked about Gorti's fraud against Golga Stick in the Munster stable dressing room. On the other hand, colleagues picked up belts and other objects on a table.

"I had more suicidal thoughts than anything else," writes correspondent Iona Roemaliotis National. "These are your friends, they are your family."

See Ryan The mumps He blames the torture he experienced in junior hockey:

Former Sarnia String Golder Ryan Munes explained about the harassment he suffered while playing in junior hockey. 3:11

Daniel Carscello, former skIll team, is in front of Munsi. Last year, Twitter published a 15-year anniversary ceremony on Twitter that detailed the experience with Claren. He said this in the context of sexual abuse allegations in St Michael's College, Toronto.

The hair was spinning

Munshi said he saw some insults by Karzillai.

Along with Kar, the hair has hair and add gum before drugs. Carcass was blown up with a whole gang and stolen the whole piece of cashew once.

"Lots of things happened at the next level," said Mons.

Other allegations

  • A Jewish historian brought tears to a team that had grown Adolf Hitler.
  • Rub A535 is a muscular player who is forced to put the penis in a muscular and creamy hair cream.

The march forward by Carroso, said muni, quite different from the teens, the "hockey community" seemed to silence the players.

See former NHL Daniel Carslow Describe the nature of loneliness:

He recalls what's remarkable when he was told that the Stanley Cup champion, at the time, said that he was partnered to jump into a belt at the Olympic coach of championship. 0:51
Earlier this week, Carlyllo talked about beaten with a sticky sticky bristle.

"The whole tunnel was started with me," said Burringing, New Bertrandon, to announce the launch of New Age Glossing for the new Goals on line online.

A string of classmates approached her dressers and asked to stop the six-feet high 150 pounds to kneel down on her knees. He pierced the knee before "like a child." Then he beat other colleagues without him.

In 2003, Mons won for Los Angeles Kings NNL. He played in the small Pro hockey before retiring in 2012. (Noah Planet / Gate Image)

Hid in the bed

"If you threw out, they got to do it again and played before and after that."

The muds were strangled to the rackery park after being drunk. He is a drunk man before drinking.

He and Carcelli have to skeptical of the dispute between the two. Later they shared their experiences with members of Canada under-18 team.

Watch Carslow Say abuse

Daniel Karzello speaks of some of the humiliations he experienced as a member of Sarnia Steing. 1:29

In 2003, he was a player at NNL, prepared by Los Angeles Kings in 2003. There were 13 games in the American Hockey League ahead of retirement in 2012. Sarna spent six years at Sarna for six years.

Former companions Charles Amodio and Dave Sachenci have been told stories of humiliation.

"That damaged me emotionally," said Amodi National In an interview on Wednesday. "They're booking you by name, you're really disgusting who you are, there's no justification behind that, it's an energy journey.

"If you say something, you open your mouth if you complain, you are very close to the next bus ride home."

Carcillo's classmate Charles Amodeo's allegation of abuse is: & # 39; s emotionally destroyed by me & # 39 ;:

Former Sarnia string player Charles Amodie discusses the harassment he suffered while playing at the OHL. 0:39

Pszenyczny said that allegations were not misused during the organization.

"Looking back again, there was something that some people had brought to the light, it never did, and it just fell in the well," said PSzenyczny Hockey Night in Canada Wednesday's podcast.

"What's happening in a room is a code, it's in a room, but it's going out of the locker room, going on the bus, it's happening at parties, everywhere.

In 2002-03, Sarnea's head coach Jeff Perry met Karosino as part of his other colleagues. On Tuesday, Perry repeatedly went to Sharmi's BlackBerry news.

According to coach Jeff Perry, Google said the Google team was not prepared to humiliate their former team during the 2002-03 OHL season. (The Sanchia Observer)

"We're not going to monitor some parts of the dressing room," said 47-year-old Perry. In the 1980s, Perry, who delivered the OHL for Gufffin and Owen Sound, said.

Do not you know when you hit the bus station, do you see the movie lying on the front of the bus? In that case you [wouldn’t] If they do not reach out to you, they realize that things are not easily understood. "

On Wednesday, no call would be issued to the CBC sportsmen for further details.

The hockey culture has changed, says the former standing coach

In an email statement, OHL claims that it has adopted a zero-tolerance approach to housing, and policies are being implemented to prevent or threaten for years.

Perry left Sting in 2003 while controversy over the acquisition of Star Fighter players, including Caryllo, and now the culture of the OHL has changed.

"That's not right [what allegedly happened in 2002-03] But we are more educated in harassment and bullying, "he said." They did a great job of doing the right things.

"I have a teenage teen who passes through junior hockey and I'm thankful that I do not need to share these stories because I do not pass through such situations."

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