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& # 39; Interaction & # 39; Between Two Guilty Policemen. After the investigation, the SIU inquiry was seriously injured

Pelham, on. Allauda police have informed that two members of the Nagay Regional Police Office have participated. A 44-year-old man was seriously injured.

The Special Investigations Unit was found in the investigation conducted by the investigating team in connection with the dealings with the two officers. One was shot and killed.

"After being hospitalized for a hospital treatment, he went to the Hamilton General Hospital." SIU spokeswoman Monica Heden said.

"What is transferring and understanding of officers is part of the SEI investigation, I can say that there was a dispute, a fire broke out and an officer was stolen."

Hudson added that there were 11 investigators with three forensic experts. It was too early to investigate. Not arrested.

To contact the SIU – somebody with video evidence – invited somebody.

Niagra Regional Police, OPP, and SIU participate in the Pelham Old Sulfur Spring Drive in a scene near the Rollin Road. Thursday, November 29, 2018.

Aaron Linet / The Canadian Press

On Thursday evening, Naira Rural Police officer was declared a resident. The officer has 28 years of service. His name is "not released at this time," he said.

"In the spirit of transparency, I ask the Ontario Prosecutor's Police to determine whether there are any criminal offenders outside the SIU limits," Brian McLello, Nagarya's Chief Regional Police Chief, said in a statement.

"The NRPS will try to get the community, the days and the weeks we serve," MacKollock said. "I want your support to our members and all involved."

The morning walk led to a racing ride car.

Robin Savitz said around 1.30. When police faced confrontation. They said a police SVV would see several squad cars nearby.

"The first car in the pit is the first car and it does not seem to have any damage," said Savitz.

"It is terrible to have a police officer firing at the middle of the day."

Aurora's police watchdog says it is investigating a serious injury to an office.

Robin Savitz / The Canadian Press / Ho

Police said all the morning police had been detained by a police car. But the police did not continue working.

Naira rural police tweeted on Thursday that the road would be partially shut down for inquiry. Hoodan said investigations took place in a collision that occurred days ago.

When Michael Shepherd arrived at the same junction, we went home. At 11:30 an official was in the road town and blocked the east of the road.

"They said they were looking for an accident on the road."

An hour later an ambulance arrived.

St. Catherine's, on. An Air Ambulance Service in the province claims that a patient in the hospital was seriously injured in a hospital in Hamilton.

The SIU is a weapon of length, whether it is dead, serious injuries or allegations of sexual assault.

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