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Bg Earlier this year, Victoria's efforts to reduce the number of women were taking small steps.

The giant Nicholsie is the creator behind the Radical Buttons of the Victoria-based Aussies Shop that creates buttons with social networking messages. Their most famous "End Mental Health Stigma" and "Memorial Tombs".

Three years later, Nicholas launched a new Button Design on November 15: "I'm taking Naloxone."

"I have a friend, and I'm taking a kit everywhere, because it's a dancing lab and it's called" naloxone ", so people know it's better to know that," Nicolas said. She decided to make a permanent edition for everyday use.

Nicolas has been holding a kit for eight months while training the Nulloxone with a research assistant at the University of Victoria, Aid Vancouver Island. In August, he was trained at Scientist Square on International Overseas Adventure Day. She is trained twice a year, and if she does not see much, she is ready to help.

"I think the buttons are a great way not only to create awareness, start a conversation about the crisis in the crisis, affect our community and help us as individuals," Nicolas said.

Her buttons do more than just to propagate a message: to identify someone in an emergency and not more time to respond. In 2018, an average of 127 in the BC. There have been 74 deaths in Victoria.

So far, radic buttons have been sold with 30 buttons.

$ 3 each, going from AIDS Vancouver Island to "Naloxone I'm Being", said that Nicolaus would contribute to a reduction in their dance balance.

Nullaxon training can be found through The Human Phone.

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