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The first time a city policy, "confusion", and despair is being stabilized to reverse the process of adjusting pay for councils. There were two different policies to calculate the compensation.

Urban administration now seeks to comply with what policy the city councilor should have in the context of a public reprimand.

Coun. Facebook post chairman Gemomi Farkas said the council would increase salary by 2019. According to the FCA chairman, the council members misled the information about a council decision.

His colleagues were not united because the council did not oppose the direction of the Council's recent statements made by City Chief Financial Officer.

Screen capture of the cousin's Facebook book. Gemini Farkas from December 17th.

A letter of 14 co-workers of FARCS sent a letter to the Commissioner of Integrity in the City. The WAD asked for an inquiry into the work of 11 councilors on social media.

On Thursday, however, Farkswas's statement will be partially okay and is likely to agree with the CFO of the CFO for calculation of salary.

The CFO of the e-mail sent to the council members and mayors apologized for the "confusion" of wages.

"I regret some confusion about how to count the compensation of the members of the Council," Carla wrote.

Since 2012, the Human Resources Department has continued to use an equation to calculate annual changes in the average annual income of Alberta with a monthly income of 12 months.

Malé said that the council salary would be reduced on the basis of a policy from September to September, a relatively simple weekly income.

"It is necessary we have to determine the accuracy of the latest decision of the council's decision on this subject," Mal wrote. They are expected to submit a report to the new inquiry council and seek further investigation.

Statistics statistics reveal Thursday the fall in the last wage numbers.

The formula used in the city in the past years, Farkus' reference in 2019 will be 2.37 per cent and the council salary has risen from 113,325 to $ 116,011.

Postmia, commented on the city's financial department's opinion. In the CFA statement, "Council's pay has been demanded to examine the annual adjustment figures of members and to examine the" recent practices ".

Farkas says that sharing information online will reflect the city's practice.

Because we knew about it now, I was lying, "said Farkswas," when I'm about to go, I'm not a criminal. I was loyal and I spoke honestly. "

Ultimately, the payments of the councils should not be adjusted or raised in January.

In his mail to two councils, mall recommends that salaries are not "arranged" until February.

Mayor Nahid Nancy said that the council of the Farkas culminated in a city that is expected to raise the wages.

Nancy said Farkes's claim that the pay would be increased. But the council knows that it has come to an end and that the vote has been polled from blacklist.

"Basically, it voted for 2.3 per cent councilors who indicated that one of the councilors voted for them because they votedly said that they do not vote for them," Nancy said. "That was awesome."

Many counselors in the city say that there will be a lot of pressure if the councilor, Ward Sutherland.

"It voices against them, and then it is very misunderstanding that a fake vote slip is made in the vote that followed," said Chest. "Thomas said.

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