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2016, new MacBook Pro users are experiencing weak cables related display issues


The Apple MacBook Pro appears to be launching more problems.

Many MacBook Pro owners who use recently released versions of the laptop face backlit issues, iFixit First reported Macrures.

The problem that many describe as a "Stage Lite Effect" that works at the bottom of the laptop display – will only affect new versions of 2016 and a recently released device.

iFixit The Laptop Controller Board has a & # 39; Flex Cable & # 39; connecting laptop display. Very weak, this can be the main cause of the problem.

"The design was good when it first appeared, but it's always in the details of the devil." Instead of Befrere Wire cables used in the early designs, Apple used thin, weak flexible cables to roll around instead of wrapping around it rather than quitting repeated openings and closures. " iFixit's Taylor Dixon in the article on publication on this subject.

Dixon continues to clarify flex flexible and ultimately breaking to pay for repeated opening at MacBook Pro's lid results. In some cases, it may take years for the problem to appear, in effect, the affected laptops are often Apple's standard of war over a one year warranty.

iFixit Flex cables combine into the MacBook Pro display, where Apple store repairs can be anywhere from $ 700 to $ 800 to CAD because the whole screen should be replaced.

"The problem is disappointing at more than one level, and if it could have been completely eliminated if you did not make so much effort for a little more formal structure, it could have been avoided if Apple's cables were created by the model," says Dickson.

Although I am a daily MacBook Pro, it's better than Apple's iPad laptop, but I've had similar issues with various versions of the pro I used during the launch in 2016.

The first 2016 meets due to the pressure applied to the MacBook Pro display and I have held hands with the display color. I make a big inference, and every day I usually work is a criminal in this situation.

In the next few months, the 2017 MacBook Pro meets the similar issues in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress (MW) in Barcelona in 2017.

The bottom half of the laptop's display ended with hidden lines that flow through. The Apple Store Genius that I talked to at that time said the problem related to the broken flexible cable flexibility. Fortunately, the laptop is free of repair during the one year warranty, the repair of the display is free. I spend about 800 dollars for Warrentien's repairs.

Reddit, Apple Support Communities and MacRumors Forums can find MacBook Pro owners who face this issue. & # 39; & # 39; A website has been submitted.

The problem is & # 39; flexigate & # 39; I will not proceed to indicate that, but if the reports become more frequent, it is likely that Apple will have a big problem.

This is the first problem with Apple's MacBook Pro. Last year, the laptop was widely reported on keyboard reliability issues, ultimately providing an advanced warranty, and a laptop & # 39; Butterfly & # 39; s using the MacBook Pro 2018 version. To add a silicon membrane to the system.

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Source: iFixit, MacRumors

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