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They create a new human form, and we look with wide eyes DW for news and analysis on international topics

The soul has come out of the bottle – the genetically modified people are among us. In China's scientist Shanshan, Chinese scientist Schwangwi says, "The first human gene genitalia in China are two girls. The twins are the children of a Chinese family that parents accept HIV. This is a planned atomic instrument designed to protect the AIDS virus. The attempt to replace two glasses of genes that resulted in immune system was successful with only one of the children. There is no opposition in the future, but it does not defy him. This first human experiment is possible for CRISPR / CAS9 Genetic Edge technology.

Achievements and achievements

Caste engineering is not new – humanity has completed the tools for the genome system for a large number of species of animals over a period of 40 years. The CRISPR is a technology that borrowed bacteria and archeology from the natural defense system in a major change in human DNA. The findings of biochemical engineers such as Geoffrey Dudna and Immanuel Sherpatty of 2012 help to replace separate genes in a simple and cheap way. The creation of a scissor with the help of CAS9 protein reduces DNA to the RNA nucleotide site, which is indicated precisely. Using its healing systems, a new template DNA is presented to the twin cells of molecules. The genetic component that occurs in the genetic stage of the pregnancy.

This new system changes into oncological, birth defective diseases, causes new forms of universal vaccines and provides great benefits to human health and longevity. But at the same time, another social order based on genetic inequalities (or equations by integration) may be the first step in dividing mankind, in the evolution of a new human race. We depend on the boundary of the boundary. There are no instruments for creating a unified and universal anti-human approach, as well as no boundaries.

US and Chinese technologies have now reached school labs. Individual computer history – A decent move by the 1980s, its democratization, and the transformation of the daily subject and its financial contribution. The only right to work in CRISPR is laboratories licensed to genetic research in Germany. England is the only European country to allow genetic exploration with the early embryo. At that time universities and private corporations in the United States and China are taking a big step in genetic planning. Unlike the spacecraft, there are real and immediate consequences for humans.

Where's Europe?

For the first time in history, the old continent is not a leader in science and technology. The source, philosophy, progress, and the future of humanity in Europe are in laboratories in the United States of America and China. Genetically engineered revolution takes place in front of our wide eyes. With affordable and uncontrolled, it transfers evolutionary theories into evolutionary theory of human origin. Opens unthinkable inequalities and opportunities before the human race. The war in ultra-waxet and super-human patents is a reality. We Europeans are not partners in it, but if we look at them.

Today, we decide how our children are born with marketing-oriented access to marketing products like lifestyle, market-free embryos, and universal genetic vaccines. Genetically modified genetically modified children are born today. Today, the first emotional robot accepts the citizenship of Saudi Arabia. Today in the book Simac and Asimov, the science fiction foreshadowing the mind of our children. Our refugee humanity and our more compromised Europe are not ready to deal with the strongest philosophies raised by the Banguinizing Revolution.

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