Tuesday , March 21 2023

They arrested the arrests of Renault Nisan Mitsubishi Bose


Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Carlos Gonzes were arrested in Japan.

The company's directors, including Greg Kelley, are investigating a domestic fraud. The Japanese prosecution has investigated the case and Nissan is willing to cooperate with law enforcement. Also, directors of the automotive giant Hiro Saikawa presidential board have been asked to vote for Kelly resignation.

Nisso's statement says that Carlos Gon had been investigating for several months. It has been illegal for years. The Japanese media reported that the prosecutors at Tony were questioned and arrested on Monday night.

Earlier in the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Gon and Kelly found drunken stock information on Bosch's accounts in Kelly's accounts. With the participation in Kelly, the opportunity to use the company's assets to meet the president's personal needs.

Nissan, the world's cheapest car maker, hit a record 13 per cent drop in the lowest level in four years at 54.80.

Gun was one of the most inexpensive and highly paid car owners. The French bankers were bankrupted by the Japanese company Nissan's crisis.

In the early years of the romantic Dashia brand renovation, Carlos Gone announced the release of the new model "Euro 5,000 in Europe".

On December 14, Carlos Gone was one of the Board of Directors of Mitsubishi. So, the master will become the first manager of the third car.

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