Friday , September 30 2022

There was something missing from the football game stand (VIDEO)


Balkans is a region of all kinds of cultural and cultural programs. Many Peninsular Clubs clubs often lead charts of the most prestigious ultrasound sites for their boasting and memorable wings. Now another support story has become a global success.

This time, a local derby from the second League of Macedonia was in the midst of the events of the warrior (neogotino) tickles (kwadardy) teams. When one point from the team arrived, the match was favorite, but it was not the most interesting event in the city stadium of 16 mm.

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The gauge of the host wondered in its wonderful way after the train walked one of the stadium's roofs. At the "Vanaries" stadium a cluster was formed in the form of an engineer, many of them holding hands. Another ultra takes the hold.

In the second division of the Second League, there is at eighth position. Tikv is also in second place.

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