Monday , May 29 2023

The tesla model is in the range of three in Europe


Tesla has been upgrading from next month to the Long Term Update in Europe. The company is confident of the approval of the Dutch Road Traffic Control Authority (RDDB). Tesla said European countries would not allow electric cars to sell in European countries. In January this year, Tesla has sold models in many European countries.

The European Model 3 debuted at a critical time for Tesla. A few days ago, the company cut seven percent to reduce costs and increase production of cheaper versions of electric cars simultaneously. Tesla Chief Executive Officer announced that the eLen Musk employees will provide e-mail messages to employees. It is hoped that valuable versions of the model 3 in Asia can make more profits. The company will pay compensation for low-cost taxes for the purchase of electric vehicles for the sedan of Europe and China.

MESK emphasized the importance of selling the cheaper versions of the model. Thanks to this electric car can be extended to other markets. Last year, the company sold 138,000 electric vehicles in the US and is now heading to Europe.

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