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The system of Christie's is a network

The system of Christie's is a network

Christ's current treatment is collecting, while the photos sessions do not prevent her with expensive clothes and equipment.

25 May 2019, Saturday, 10:10 am

This is the first time a beautiful model is being attacked on the Internet

Diana's wild life was a serious injury to the Christian elite model network that was seriously injured. In virtual users' opinion, beauty is unusual.

Clearly, the anger of the people is based on the accumulation of money for the current treatment of Christ. But in the same time, photo sessions could not be prevented using expensive clothes and materials. The presence of designer-design lenses by luxury designers is due to Facebook's presence in favor of this model. At the same time their health needed financial help.

Taking into consideration public opinion, security can be secured and credible for intervention. Christine declines with a £ 3,000 bag, while searching for help, hating the Internet. A charity concert will soon take place for the purpose of making money for the upcoming activities.

Barry Hans, Titta, Michael Famelva, Vero Tourf, BNR, Deep Zone Project, Young BB Young, and Sparke are one of the biggest music directors of the upcoming Barcelona. Divya singer Diwana is also a small piece of renowned names for the movie "Evergung / Namty". On June 12, the tickets for the Inter Expo Center are 12 lane.

A year ago, two daughters, Diwani and Christine, collapsed and the model was badly injured and the car was driving. Months later, the leukemia began to walk, but more treatment was needed.

These programs will start with all or Namutie Foundation, Bulgarian celebrities, and possibilities to promote mutual cooperation in massive campaigns. All the funds sold for tickets will be used for charity purposes.

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