Friday , March 24 2023

The Leveski captain is healthy and ready to play


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Leksky's coach Slavia Szajonovic has come up with good news. Serbia's Slovenian passport was realized on Thursday that the brawl family could depend on Captain Ivan Goronov and Franz Ledem Nagaronioni. The double tie against leaders in the first league is at 17:30.

There was a trauma in the Bulgarian final. Bulgaria met with an opponent in the 1/8 Final against Karl Carr. From that time on, Gorenov was against the "sailors" Boatyev (Plovdiv) in the first league.

He said the national coach Peter Hussein had no access to Cyprus and Slovenia. The captain of the blue was a pleasant training training last week, medical staff Stoojanovic he is ready to play.

There is no need to worry about Levesky's other leftist patron, Luis Nagoyoni. He asked for a change in Montana at the 60th minute. Football has won the medical exams. His TORO decided that he was not in Bharat but could be played on Sunday (Sunday).

Stravas Stanozovic's verdict is a blame on the Left's defensive against vratas.

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