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The budget of the 2019 budget (OBZOR) is the Parliament of India's first budget,


8 November 2018 | 01:06 | Focus News Agency

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The budget of the 2019 budget (OBZOR) is the Parliament of India's first budget,Photo: Focus Information Agency

In the first Reading vote in 2019, 115 votes were cast. The budget also went to the GRB and the United Patrise vote. An MP and an independent MP supported him. "Anti-Budget Budget BSP and MFF voted on by almost all Cabinet ministers in the plenary poll.
The priorities for the 2019 budget are social policy, education, defense and income policy. Finance Minister Vladislav Goronov said: "The 2019 budget is not a pre-election. We've been working in our past budget, but we'll look at it by the end of 2020. "If the government comes to power in 2021, the elections will take place," he said, adding that the government has been prepared to discuss the proposed reforms with the criticism that there is no reform of the budget.
BSP has opposed the fiscal framework for next year. Coronalia Nanoova, a leftist leader of the Budget, said that the budget is 2019. The inadequacy that the government can not survive. The next year, the government will loot other viable state assets in the economy. The MRF opposes the next year's budget. Jordan's Sonev, deputy chairman of the MRF Government pointed out that the budget does not reflect the economic development cycle of the country and does not support growth. He said the budget planning would be insufficient in 2019 and that the higher capital expenditure would be spent along with the restrictive rules of the surplus ministries.
It is estimated that the budgeted budget will be 43.8 billion Liva and in 2021 it will be 47.5 billion. Reduces 0.5% of GDP deficit. In 2019, GDP growth is expected to rise to 3.7%. Unemployment is expected to fall to 4.8 percent. The cost of 2019 will be 44.4 billion liver and is expected to be 47.5 billion in 2021. The budget will get 40.4 million livis. In 2018 it is 50 percent more than that. BIG and 150 Million BGNs for disabled persons will pay 7 million more orphaned children without pension rights. The next year's defense budget is 1.8 billion. The country's GDP is 1.58%. Funds will be allocated for modernization projects for Air Force, Land Force and Navy. Next year, funding for domestic and municipal ministries will be increased. In 2018, the number of municipalities will increase to 120.8 million liabilities. Minimum wages will increase from 510 to 560. 10% are paid public services and social security. Teachers' salaries will increase by 20% and the non-teaching staff will be 10%. Funds for First-Year Nano grade students have been increased. More municipalities will be provided with more than thirty thousand additional funds. In 2019, government debt is expected to fall from 20.2 billion to 20 billion rubles. Thus Bulgaria will be the third liabilities in the European Union. The unified debt of public sector undertakings is 24.3-23.5 billion BNG.

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