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Tears marked the festivities of Berne Munich (Munich)

He respected the tradition of the Munich tradition and conquered the German city of Terris in the city hall. In the German Cup final last night, "Bavarians" broke the 3: 0 RB (LeapSag) game. He won the Silvald a week ago.

Nicka Kouak's footballers have admired more than 15,000 fans at Marian Platts.

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Rifhena Salad, Nixis Suloo Cup handed over.

The German Cup won by 3-0 to defeat Arn (Leipzig) in Bayern Munich

Double bay in Germany (in Munich)! Leipzig won the Bayern Cup final

Laodontovsky twice exceeded the 3: 0.

Repudiation is given to Ain Roben and Frank Riebory. They both left Beer and spoke with tears in their eyes.

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They returned to Bayern's second team after celebrating in City Hall. In the Wolfsburg doubles, the score was 4: 1 and they qualified for the third Bundesliga.

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