Wednesday , October 5 2022

Stay on a better position to prevent and treat patients with diabetes


Patient Organizations announced on 14th of November the World Aids Day to improve diabetes, diagnosis, diabetes and treatment.

According to official diabetes reports, the number of diabetes in Bulgaria over the past four years has been over 460. The number of diabetic patients in Bulgaria is 520. There are many patients without rheumatoid arthritis, which is why they treat and control the disease.

The Bulgaria does not have a comprehensive program to perform balanced activities such as the Insulin Pumps Association, Insulin Pumps Association, Type 2 Diabetes Association, and Patent Organization's "Unite Seat". All risk groups are covers.

Lack of experts in small migrant laborers and extreme arrival areas and a lack of resources for diabetes is a serious issue for diabetic patients. This is the cause of diabetes complications and diabetic complications. It is the need to use expensive treatments to take into consideration the dues and diabetes and its complexity of additional budget.

Access to quality medical care is essential in some areas of the country. All patients with glucose therapy and blood pressure do not provide training for treatment.

For those who recharge under NHF, only 73,000 diabetes receive bandwidth for readers. The restriction in all other restrictions is weak or completely lost. Bulgaria is also one of the few countries in the European Union. It will not pay back sensors and consumption for them. The center is one of the most innovative ways to manage diabetes in both children. Older patients with pregnant and severe poverty indicate the same, as well as other patients.

"The diabetic footprints in our country are rare and unusual, with the treatment of patients with diabetes treatment occurring in 3-5 times, with 15,000 diabetic patients.Watch out for patient patients.

About 140 people were diabetes annually. Patients have medicines in the early stages of diabetes, but many diabetes do not buy them because they can not buy them. In 3-5 steps, diabetes morbidity and ulcers can cause difficult and expensive pain, difficulties, dynamic difficulties, physical challenges and disabilities.

Due to the loss of patients in diabetic polycystic patients, leg breeds continue to look unnoticed and will eventually result in ripening infections, serious infections, and severity. Clinics need more accurate diagnostic, diagnostic, sensitive losses, sensation losses, more screening and more diagnostic devices for diabetes.

If the treatment of all diabetes is observed by an endocrineologist, the organization recommends whether there are directions or not.

"Now, with diabetes having serious complications can only be dispensary in endocogologists, others are GPs, we believe that a more successful model is endocrineogy, it will benefit both patients and reduce the cost of treatment", The associations said.

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