Sunday , May 28 2023

Slavicca Stojanovic: Leskki is never a closed page for me


The club's former coach Slavisa Stanojovic said he never got closed.

He thanked all the fans for his love. He expected that there was something good behind him.

As he is known, George Dermandev has been appointed as a blue-head specialist.

Stanemar Stelevois: I would like to face any coach in Leveski

Murray Stolov: I want to deal with every coach in Leveski

"Once the ownership changes, the existing owner can not deal with the club.

"I apologize for this situation. My plan is quite different, clubs and all of the things that I understand and I agree to all the people. It is part of the professional football coach, it is not easy for anyone, because it is before the training exercise before. But it will have to accept. I've pilarnnap many timukalilayittunt. Shake hands Eal has often happened. Yesterday it was completely different. They have done very well in the preparations all very well, but they kathinadhvanamayirunnu, but everything we had, we thought we could. In the spring, I have a big thing right on track. Kalikkunnatumaya football club, is required to have a philosophy of training, all of the car I am grateful to all the fans for this, thank you for the support and love that I have experienced in this club, because I am so passionate that I do not have words to describe my love, I know what I mean by Laski and I found a new family in my home.

Stanimer stolov: I'm not expecting Leszek

Stanimer stolov: I'm not expecting Leszek

"The club is behind its growth"

Competition with Beroe was very difficult. When I had to relax, the news came every day, to explain whether they were true or not. Truth, I do not have a signed document. I had different offers, but I signed a pact and took a big risk. What will happen now, I do not know. What we do, I do not know yet. Everything is possible. I have not signed a contract. From the first day onwards, when I arrived at Levescu, I wanted to make a good team and implement my contract until summer. We aim to do great things and continue our contract. We tried to work professionally with my team until the last minute. The desire of Pedal Covev, the new coach can say all things, what we have done, how we worked, what our work philosophy. That's what we did

LACEIK SPAS RUSH: I'm aboard, I'm not doing it

LACEIK SPAS RUSH: I'm aboard, I'm not doing it

"I will not comment"

I had good moments in Leveski. We played good matches with good memories. My heart is full when I remember CSKA, the victories in the second half of the LudoGourts match. We played the best games of "Gareena" in which we have repeatedly achieved goals and aggression. At the end of the season, we had the moments we showed as fathered. We were hoping to make a selection now, we tried to end this preparation, but it did not happen. Lesski will not be a closed page for me, I'm not a coach but an admirer of the club, "said Slavia Stegonovic Sportsbug.

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