Friday , March 24 2023

: Paxov pays for unsubscribed statement ::


The Sofia District Court has upped the BGN penalty to 1000. He has been charged with the Supreme Kodi Lausanne Pavlov President and has been charged with a declaration not submitted to the National Audit Office.

Judge Angel Pavelov made the decision after Monday afternoon. Personal information will be published immediately after it is deleted.

The Justice National Audit Office was sentenced on January 10 this year. In 2017 for nonprofit property declaration. He said that he should submit a statement before SJC in front of the Inspectorate. But in accordance with the law, he had to declare to the two institutions of his property and to the National Audit Office, a member of the Supreme Judicial Council as the chairman of the SCC.

In this case in October this year, Panov attempted to face the case, and he or his lawyer did not face them. The process was apparently changed. Judge Angel Pawlov has approached the court demanding the case be brought in the Supreme Court. The court came to know that the High Court judge's legal advisor, HCV Sadhvaka, was ordered to appear before Stokkov. The lawyer's returns were returned because they were outside Sophia, but the court sent a supplement to the court and indicated the possibility of appearing in the next meeting. The court ruled that the application of the depository means "hearing the hearing". In the case file file, the representative of the Anti-Corruption Commission, in its structure of Chamber of Accounts, pointed out that Panoku's appeal was unworthy of the responsibility of the rank of senior officials. He argues that the fine and the fine must be legally established. As the member of the SCC, the head of the CCC publicly violated his assets.

The National Audit Office has been issued to the NRA for inspection. After the inspection, the Revenue Agency was seized by the Chief Justice of the Chief Secretary and implemented the Reconnaissance Act and mentioned the KPPI of Panovar. The Anti-Corruption Commission is under scrutiny.

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