Wednesday , September 28 2022

OPEC Oil prices are still below $ 65 a barrel


Yesterday, the price of oil fell to $ 64.51 a barrel.

OPEC, which is trading at $ 67.01 a barrel on Tuesday, On Tuesday, the price dropped to $ 75 per barrel. The price of the barrel is below $ 70.

In order to define the price of OPEC, 14 members of the so-called Petroleum Cotton are included. Libya, Guizol (Algeria), Iranian Heavyweight (Kuwait), Kuwait Exporter Kuwait, Mera (Venezuela), Maraban (UAE), Oriental Qatar Marin (Qatar), Shahar Blund or Sahara Mix Algeria), Rabbi Lac (Gabon) and Safioro (Equatorial Guinea).

Oil prices rose to $ 140.73 a barrel on July 3, 2008.

Barrel oil prices reduce a speculation from quotes when all the OPEC products are closed with the previous trading day.

Source: BTA

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