Friday , January 27 2023

On November 24, the song will start the songs of Theodosius Szolov and Ivan Shopnov


Theodosii Spassov (left) with a public album by Ivan Schopenov

Theodosis spaso and the electronic vocals Ivan Schopenau have a public album. The infusion will be presented on November 24th at "Space 108" in Sofia. In this program, along with the author "Avigya" and pianist Demeter Bordruve, two musicians participating in the music service will participate.

In the last two years, 10 mlutes were constructed. Theodosius Szolov, Kawal, Ivan Shopnov, Programming and Gitar, presented programs in Bulgaria and abroad. On November 24th, we hear the striking combination of jazz, folk elements and electronic sounds.

Singers such as Portugal (Saxophon), Mino Sinallo of New York, Route Mayer (Vocal) from Norway, and Merlin Ettur in Canada (Percussion), Assa Carson from England (Programming). Bulgarian actress joined Ivan Andrew while drumming.

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