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Oil price declines after OPP's attack on OPPEX * :: The number of investors


Oil prices dropped following trompoag attacks against OPEC's targets *

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On Tuesday, oil prices declined by one per cent. Brent and WTTI barrels fell below $ 70 to $ 60 a barrel after pressure from US President Donald Trump raised concern over OPEC. .

Yesterday, yesterday, the dollar's value reached 16 months. Oil imports are more expensive than countries other than dollars.

Futures on US crude oil WTI Prices of oil and gasoline by price declined by 1.20% to $ 59.21 a barrel. Decrease Brent variety Prices range from 0.86% to $ 69.52 a barrel.

Since October 2008, two types of oil have gone up by 20%.

"The big production in the USA and the growing output in Saudi Arabia and Russia are beginning to affect the balance of oil marketing," said Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Invest Bank expects production of crude oil in the US. 11.6 million barrels per day every day In 2019, 12 million barrels per day were crushed.

Saudis Arabia is looking for anxiety about the 2014 price rise.

Oil Minister Khalid Al-Falih said Monday that OPEC has demanded oil marketing companies to reduce the price of a million barrels from October. prevent oversupply

The Dutch ING Bank has demanded that any future redundancy payments be eliminated due to massive global supply and recession in the economy. In the first half of 2019, the financial institution in the market will see a substantial surplus value

Moreover, President Donald Trump does not like the rhetoric from his political ally, Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia and the OPEC oil production are expected to come down. The price of oil was very low, "Trumb wrote on Twitter.

In commodity markets Gold Troy ounces is enough for $ 1203.20 each. Silver and copper And Platinum 0.17 percent and 0.97 percent and 0.82 percent respectively. Cocoa However, it declined by 1.71 per cent.

Dollar indexOn the six major currencies, the US dollar fell by 0.09 percent to 97.56. Responding not against the dollar Yen From 0.15% to 114.01 yuan. The Australian dollar From 0.47% to $ 0.7207 a dollar.

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