Friday , June 9 2023

Nicolei's father dies


The father of Nicholas Bannu, a businessman of the arrested, B. Bay Danno has been hospitalized for a long time by patients. Before leaving for France, his son Nicholas went missing. We knew that we had come back from there on the trip.

Haskovo will have a culture.

Adulthood Jordan and Maria Banave have an estate in the village of Haskovo, Spain. His son and grandchildren only rarely saw his grandfather. His wife Maria worked with her son's business and a Moscow patron.

There is a relaxed life, rest, a tennis court, and a yacht in the Old Baanv Manszard Yard. But the restrictions on construction are unheard of.

Bolddoors deeply troubled Bay Danso. He used his future energy to appeal the decision of the court of "Kalpans" from construction oversight. Nicholai, who knows all this and some other reasons, stuck to his father so much suffering. But an older man knew a lot about his son and son in law. "The bad stories" his son. Finally, the old Communist and Colonel Colonel's brother believe that he is a socially vulnerable opponent and believes his party's obligation to run the party and his eyes "to open their eyes".

Once in the village of Spahievo, there was a hiding place in the old house of Beau, the guerrillas. In fact, Nicholas Bane's life passed through his father's eligibility before 9 September 1944. As in social times, there is a monumental plaque.

Yordan Banev is a junior in the red world – the youngest fighter against fascism and capitalism. His sister Yana Banuva presented her to Luba Calleesi of TV host.

Bay Danso married his wife Maria while she was still a student. This part of his biography, to some extent, created problems for his comrades. He strictly observed the party's ethics. The time has changed, and now there are good acquisitions with Maria Banawal son. Maria Banava's son is a mentor to Nikolaev.

Haskovo has a good opinion about senior Yordan Bane. Many generations say that he is a true man. Bai Danso will definitely send you this way. Salah's shadow is only in his good name, along with Nikolay Bane.

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