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New magic from United, victory in the 91st minute

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Manchester United's lead in the next league of Champions League is a great success. Marwan Felle was the only goal in the 91th minute.

So the English team won their notorious victory in the tournament and tried to make some of the Premier League appearances for their regular matches.

The first series of Old Trafford and the last three home games did not succeed.

There are 12 points in the group with Juventus, England 10, Valencia and Young boys.

Jose Mourinho has made a lot of changes since his inception, as Paul Poggia and Romulus have come to expect.

The United contest started and penalty placed pressure on guests. Luke F. Marshas Rashford was in a clear position at the fifth minute but could not score after the door.

Fred failed after shooting. While the English continued to attack, Marcus overcame Rashford.

In the 20th minute Maran Filine shot past the ball but did not run again. For about half an hour, Jessy Lingergard had no choice. This is a strong point for Una. But the hosts could not score.

Guests from Switzerland will depend on maintenance. In the opposite direction can be seen rarely.

The first place came in the 36th minute, but lost Jean Pierre names. Mirage Suley had a chance. Fred took a half to a new occasion, but again and again shot.

In Second, there were severe attacks against Unite. But it was a great achievement. In the 55th minute Kevin Mubawan's shotgun pulled out.

Eventually, England took the initiative, but was ignored by Rashford and Faaill. It was accompanied by Jose Morio Paguja and Lukas.

But in the face of Swiss crown it was adversely affected by the UN attack. But David D'Hee made a big mistake for their fortunes.

Finally, the United threw unexpectedly and achieved another notorious victory. The score was technically 1-0 in the 91th minute.

Manchester United – Yang Boys 1: 0

UN UNITED: Dee Hei, Valencia, Smelling, Jones, Shah, Feinini, Matt, Fred, Liningard, Rashford, Mariel

You guys: Warne Balmos, Embabu, Kamara, von Burgen, Benito, Looper, Suleimani, Sau, Abishir, Azeel, Nassim

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