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Lupaco Petrović: I'm never a coach.

Lukáko Petrovi gave an interview with Tari. The senior specialist of the senior senior of the Rwandan African country won his team.

"I did my job in Rwanda and now I have won in Serbia, we have conquered the country's Super Cup and Super Cup, because we are very tired because we got delayed, and now I'm resting with my loved ones.

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I've always wondered what's going on in Bulgaria. Because I have worked there for a long time. That's my second country. I love Bulgaria, I follow everything. I see this year is more fun. Because CSKA, Leveski got up and weakened the power of Luduoras. Championship is more fun. Each of these three teams can be a champion.

After my first visit to Bulgaria, Levi, I knew him. He was then a journalist. We're friends. He is a good athlete. I know he is working in the Bulgarian Football Union and since January 1 he is coming to Lewski. This is good for leves because it knows how to organize clubs.

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"The levocorts are stimulating and stimulating the levons and CSAs"

I remember the coach of CSKA Nestor El Maestro. When we met he was a young man. I'm surprised that she already has a professional license. So he was a great enterprise. Sometimes it deliberately criticizes me to understand what I will react and what to do with it. He wants to be a good trainer and to always happen. She has been able to work in a difficult situation by working in a club like CSKA.

Lajpo Petrovich: If I had worked with CSKA, I'd guarantee Nestor A-MA-MASTROO

Lajpo Petrovich: If I had worked with CSKA, I'd guarantee Nestor A-MA-MASTROO

"I will help him"

These teams would like to win the tournament in Bulgaria. I like that he wants to be a good coach.

I'm no longer working as a coach. I had calmer health problems but now it's all right. I can help teams, but I do not want to be a senior coach anymore, "Petrovic said.

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"Ludoghorts faces a tragedy with Malvadi, waiting to be tough and thick with the Cisco Copenhagen," Petrovich

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