Friday , September 30 2022

Ludogorek-Berea was 0-0


In the first half, the hosts' dominance was marked. However, the visitor's door did not have serious danger.

Meanwhile, Zaheen and Misha's raid were saddened by Nadeem Colts. Bereo players were faster than their opponents. Along with Wondersson's unique abilities, Stara Sagora surprised the guests unexpectedly.

The meeting took place in the 20th minute. Sending the ball into the net by crossing the opponents in front of Sonu. The judge, however, raised his flag and seized it. Instead, they did not doubt the repetition, but left certain doubts about the accuracy of the decision made by arbitrators.

Just before the last signal in the first over, Vandersson escaped from Sasha. In the last moment, the defeat defeated the ball.

The result of the Ludgrates' lead after 45 minutes was unchanged. However, one of the two teams was worried that the pitch was dangerous.

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