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Listen to Liverpool Shilling Guillot during the middle of Paris – Football World – Champions League

Liverpool won the third consecutive defeat in the Champions League group stage. Defeated by Park de Princes in the final against last year's Final St. German. In the final round two goals scored against Napoli (or 1: 0).

In the first half of the French Grand Prix, when Juan Burnett and Niemer collapsed, The most successful Brazilian champion in the League. James Milner has been cut short before a penalty, but in the second half it will not show that the mercury is not worth anything to go with them. Thus, if there is a bigger fight against Napoleon in the final match of the German club and their children, Serious fight against Serbia in Barcelona.

In the group match, the Serbians lost to Serbia's Champion 3: 1.

Within 3 minutes Liverpool realized that Park D. Princes' warm atmosphere was not smooth. Diane Lawren's Guardian tried to capture a paper in the Kilin Babe penalty box. The Croatian resistance returned timely. After just 3 minutes, Mafia's ball was given to Angel de Maria's penalty in the penalty area. The Argentine DIAGON is shooting, and Alison reflects with an incredible project.

At the 13th minute, the logical pressure of the hosts occurred. Liverpool's midfield and Verito became a good pass to find Tolvell players in the penalty area to find Mabapé. French grass to the grass to the point where the woods turned out to be very bad. Johnny Gomes and Lorraine did not react to the ball stumps. Barnett did not run. The strong core is the right corner – 1: 0.

After Hitler, Liverpool woke up and PSG allowed to play 10,000. Nevertheless, the Juligen club was not afraid of the players, and they had a great deal in their dedication. Many in Paris tried to push their opponents in the 31st minute. Nimyar and Kavani have played well in middle order. He succeeds Mabeep's joint venture losses for Wad Dyke Kawani. A moment has passed since Alison went on to play the Uruguayan player.

Six minutes later Red did not save anything. The PSG put forward, and again allowed Maben to wound deep into the left. Walking patiently to the French field, Kaavani once again found a part of the grassland. At this time, the Uruguay was able to shoot, and Ali ran away. The ball was faced near Neemar. Two meters behind.

In the first half of a rare attack on Liverpool, guests were given a right to shoot a penalty. Angio de Maria was raised in the footsteps of the Adi Mano, and was drawn into the sword and tried to save herself and fell down early. Initially, referee Shimon Marzinc was pointed at a corner kick. It also made "red" players. Chief Justice Assistant received the help of Buffon's door. James Milner's ball was placed behind the wicket, giving Buffon the right corner.

The second part was started by PSG, which was canceled. Angel de Maria directly left the left for the attackers with the free kick. Margherus was approached with Allison. Then the side of the side of the judge was shadowed. This decision was accurate, because Marcinios and some other colleagues shot in the Liverpool firing.

Liverpool took the initiative by betting in the experienced media. It started with a big headache. Eventually the defensive block of the hosts started to break and it was amazing that in the 60th minute firmin score was not equal. On the left side Andy Robertson scored very accurately, "red" in the next beer only nine "alone". He tried to sprinkle the nearby corner, and the Buffon did not move.

In the 70th minute, the People's Guard warned his guests not to be attacked indiscriminately and that there were players who were threatening static situations. A small game allowed capital to be taken to Baba's center. At 8-9 m away from the door, he saw Mürnenus Lorraine and bowed his head. The shot was accurate, but Alison was saved in his place.

Finally, the cats and the mouse became a real game – Liverpool was sent to the team in front of the People's Republic Counter attack. In the 85th minute how was Kilin Baby missing? The French author stopped Andrew Robertson's fun game for a moment to take off his sword. After this, Tachael eventually "closed" the match and acquired the French player, and changed more resistant Adrian Rubio.

The last time Niemar Allen was tested at 5 minutes earlier, making a very dangerous direct direct kick. Approximately 23-24 m in the Brazilian walls, and moved to the lower right angle. Liverpool goalkeeper intervened in an important way and shot in an angle.


Juan Barnath 13 & # 39;

2: 0 youm 37 & # 39;

2: 1 James Milner 45 + 1 penalty shootout

PSG (3-4-3): Juanzunz Buffon – Marcinoz, Tiago Silva, Prezel Campbell – Tilo Karel, Marko Veraty, Angel D Maria (65 & # 39; Daniel Alavas), Juan Benat – Kilian Mabe (85 & Adrian Rabi) Eric-Maxim Chopo-Mouting) , You are

Coach: Thomas Tule

Liverpool (4-3-3): Alan Becker – Joe Gomez, Diane Lover, Virgil van Dijk, Andrew Robertson – GEORGE Wainam (66th & # 39; – Keitha), Jordan Henderson, James Milner (77th – Jordan Shakur) – Daniel Sturridge

Coach: Jurgen Klopp

Stadium: "Park de Paris" (Paris, France)

Chief Judge: Shimon Masiizack (Poland)

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