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Lady Kitty Spencer – Princess of the Diana Princess, Who Stones the World (Video) – Exciting

Lady of the Lady Diana Spencer – Kitty Spencer, Interact with the fashion and contaminated with the models of very large brands. She is 28 years old, and the royal court often has negative feelings and behaviors. Occasionally, the baby of William and Harry has long been condemned as a "mystery" because of occasional love, job and pattern.

The name is associated with last year's age of 60, fashion mogul and millionaire Michael Levis. Although they have tried to keep their relationship secret for a long time, this month they walk in their hands without absorbing the papacy. They decided that their love is all right.

Diana's nephew princess has blue eyes and wheels of her aunt (PHOTOS)

It is not the first relationship of Lady Kitty spencer with a man older than older. He was a naked elder of 48-year-old producer Nicole Barturi. She had four years of love affair. He has been with 53-year-old Nazriya and model Liz Hurley.

Now the beloved Michael Lewis is the divorced father of three children. His state is worth more than $ 100 million. Recently, they often live in the central estate in central London, about 25 million dollars.

Meet Out Kitten Spencer – Princess of the Diana (Princess)

They often remember Kitty Spencer with Lady Diana – sight and behavior. Of course, these similarities have helped to create a career in Miss Spencer fashion.

Dianna got it

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