Sunday , January 29 2023

Kit denies betraying Rose Ross Leslie


Kim Harrington, a Kim Harrington, has denied having a Russian model after the engagement in Rose Leslie.

See pictures of Kit and Rose

A star delegation realized that these allegations were "quite fake".

The Orige Wozzo has claimed that Harryton's description of Harrington after sharing nude pictures on the Internet is Harrington. After that, Leslie slept a long time before and after the wedding.

In photographs, Harrington or someone like him is sleeping on the bed, a laptop near him. They met in Luxembourg and began to meet each other.

A Harrington official denied that: "The affair of this story has gone wrong, he was in Luxembourg and never met Volvova.

In June, Kitty and Ross got married at Aberdeen In September 2017, the couple announced their engagement. Prior to her arrival in London, the actress grew up in Aberdeen. This pair is often found in northwestern Scotland.

Some time ago, Larion told Vigo that it was easy to fall in love with Ross. He shared that the "Throne Game" shot in Iceland is the best. "The country is beautiful, because the northern glow is magic, because I was in love," Hartington said.

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