Wednesday , September 28 2022

Kim Kardashian acquires a private theater ::


Reality Sensation Kim Kardashian has made a personal fire test to protect his $ 60 million family villa. The reason is the destructive forest area in California within a few days.

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The TMC says Kim's Estate, her husband Kenneth West and Marine Hills in Los Angeles County. In California, California, one of the ten forest forest areas mandated by pilgrims to evacuate pilgrims in the forest area. The villa of the carpentry and the west is located, and they will be evacuated by the fire and the neighbors. For this reason, this week decided to hire a private firefighter team to prevent such a move. In the 1950s, the Archaeological Hansen designed Marine Hills Complex comprises 4.4 sq. Km of area. It's indoor.

Paper Star Miley Cyrus, guitarist Neil Young and actor Gerard Butler have already been stripped of their names. Singers were Lady Gaga, Iggy Agalia, Cher, Director Guiwermo del Toro.

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