Thursday , June 8 2023

In Flovdiv's 5 deaths Dr. Walkenova points out who's most dangerous and how to protect the photos


The complicated cause of influenza virus has been the deaths of three people over the age of 85 who have died of "plow" in the university hospital in the past few weeks. The condition of these was severe due to a number of diseases. The head of pulmonology Eliana Walkanova declared this.

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Now there is no vacancy in Department of Regional Hospital in Plovdiv. There are usually 38 beds in one place, nine additional parts have been allocated but their capacity is already full. In the new arrivals, doctors are starting home treatment in low-cost treatment and other medical institutions will be redirected.

At this time, one of the existing patients is seriously complicated, with continuous breathing, but is now stable. Doctors say it is not clear if serious infections are possible due to viruses. But they are sure to have heart disease for the three, the rough and the lungs.

The hospital team explained that pneumonia is developing in the age group of 70 years. Patients with diabetes and cardiovascular issues. In this, complexities often develop. Many of the victims of this year are not young people. The trend that was years ago. However, there is a 18-year-old girl in the ward.

"Vitaminova explained that some people with chronic obstructive illnesses have been diagnosed with medicines such as an antibiotic, endorant pills, paracetamol, and alginine, as they are not diagnosed with diseases caused by viral infections.

Dr Valkhalova, who has been diagnosed with the disease, has been diagnosed with relieving many patients and ill patients from patients without disease. She added that more protected immunosuppressants were willing to treat them without special treatment and cooperated with heat, tea and drugs.

Two women between 40 and 42 in Plovdiv died on Sunday.

The number of patients has grown steadily and over 170 patients have gone through the University Hospital "Plow Dev" department.

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