Friday , September 30 2022

Federer, who has done well in the tournament, stands with the team in London


Roger Federer retained all the possibilities in the last ATP tournament in London. The Swiss Dynamic Cricket team held in two sets for one hour.

6: 2, 6: 3. Kai Nishikori's first round loss was an unpleasant experience. He ended in the last ten tennis players in the last season. His last victory was in Rotterdam final.

Mystroo began the rebellious matches, even in their first match, but the Austrian escaped. However, Federer got his second chance at the third game. It turned out to be the second set at 5: 2. Swiss swing was at 1: 0 after 6: 2 after being paid off on his server.

The second part also started a cyclone. He was beaten in the first match. At the end of the match, he got an unexpected surprise in his service. The team has been crushed. Federer again played two matches in the fifth edition after surrendering nine. This was 6: 3 after the second record.

The second Kei after this defeat is like Nishikori's master's assets, which is a success and a loss. Kevin Anderson, the winner of the two matches, has not yet been successful.

But the last round event predicts big plays in some outings. Rowland may have been dropped and will be replaced by the last team. All through the South African conflict, the Federico and the Austrian fighters with Nishikhori will solve.

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