Friday , January 27 2023

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Polo Genoa is her first child pregnant. Eurovision in 2016 was the fourth best singer to beat Bulgaria, according to his closest relatives and friends.

However, she still maintains silence in public places. This is most likely because he is waiting for at least the second trimester. Love is because if a crime makers suspect her pregnancy is chosen because her social networking footage is widespread dress. However, it is not clear how her belly will cry in April or May of next year.

Genoa was withdrawn from the Menarau Chair of the Voice of Bulgaria. The simple singer is the jury for a two-period reality reality form. However, this season the Mi'la Filleva gets its place.

There is nothing to know about the baby's dad. That's not amazing. Because the hidden secret of the private life is hidden in a hidden way. It was only a foreigner who knew his names as a foreigner from the Philippines. That singer then suggested that the singer was celebrating. She wrote Mahal Kta, translated from the language "I love you" from the language of humor.

They have gathered together for more than a year. She talked about getting into the altar. But Genoa explained that it does not keep the emotions in ventilators. It was just a party with a white cloth.

On the other hand, the Smart Christmas is coming soon. There poly plays a role. Gift comes in from a personal trainer for the music composer Maria Veselinova's children's music composer, Krruti Lafsaanov. But the project team will not ever catch up with the recently published set. Because – she then adds to the scene that Santa has had to work on his mission. The Smart Christmas Show will be held this Wednesday, with a band-wide launch on Friday.


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