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Eight persons were injured in a train accident at Cheneyeshe (OBZOR) village.


20 November 2018 | 03:46 | Focus News Agency

Photo: Information agency

Eight persons were injured in a train accident at Cheneyeshe (OBZOR) village.Photo: Focus Information Agency

Similitude. Eight persons were killed near the Chechnya village. Within 18.55 hours, the rocket track of the 50244 passenger track was broken off from Blagogravt. Passengers take time. Fire brigades from Blagogravad, Simitli and Rasogg are near the footpath on the spot. Rescue teams set up a system to transfer the passengers from the area where they were taken to Peo Yevrev Station. Emergency medical stations were checked. They are not in danger of life.
Blagelagrad district governor Biser Miiholov explained that nine Deputy Eight Train Driver, the train head and six others were traveling. 6 people live in UMHAT Blagoevgrad and Pulse Hospital. There are serious injuries or direct threats now, "he said, as soon as the on-site verification takes place, the railway restoration will be initiated, removed from the track and restored to the root," Mihaylov explained.
Four teams from the Fashion Security and Protection of Officers of Fire Fighting Divisions of Blagoevgrad participated in rescue efforts. "The two teams from Rassg have moved to Sandinsky, 9 ambulances responded to Signal, with the help of the BES Passenger Transport Transport Director, they overshadowed the bus, leaving a passenger remaining in Blagograd and others staying in Sophia," Mikhailov said.
He said the landslide was difficult for the river through the bridge of the river Strauma.

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